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The development course

Development Course:

In 1975, the establishment "Jixi Chain Factory", 12 series of agricultural chain;

In 1981, changed its name to "Anhui Huangshan Chain Factory ";

In 1985, the R&D production of special chains;

In 1996, changed its name to "Anhui Huangshan Chain Co., LTD.";

In 1999, bundled with Feicai Group, changed its name to " Anhui Huangshan FeiCai Chain Co., LTD.";

In 2002, changed its name to” FeiCai Group Company”;

In 2004, Changed into private enterprise, " Anhui Huangshan Hengjiu Chain Transmission Co.,Ltd "

In 2006, Investment of the 2 new production factories;

On June 28, 2009, the annual output of 30000 tons of non-standard chain production base for investment projects "Founding Ceremony.

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