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Chain Introduction

1. Chain and Usage

Chain is made up of several components with the characteristics of the gear drive and belt drive, is the important basis of mechanical transmission parts.

Chain transmission ratio accurately, large heritability and high efficiency, long life, strong adaptability, easy maintenance, suitable for large center distance and constant speed ratio, shaft drive, open transmission conditions, the impact vibration of transmission, large load low speed driving and good lubrication of high speed driving conditions.

Since the 19th century invention of roller chain, with the further development of the modern industrial revolution, new materials and the continuous improvement of continuous production and the modern design method, the ordinary roller chain is derived on the basis of different structure forms, different uses and different materials and different performance of the chain, forming gradually perfect and complete chain structure.

Chain numerous varieties, its application range in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, mining transportation, metallurgy, cement, wood processing, forklift lifting, beer, beverage, cold food, daily chemical industry, film stretching, palm oil, sugar, etc, as well as household appliances, auto production line, is playing the transmission efficiency.

2. Classification of Chain

According to the purpose and function, chain is divided into four categories ---transmission chain, conveyor chain, drag chains and special chains.

Transmission chain: mainly used in power transmission.

Conveyor chain: it is mainly used for conveying materials.

Drag chain: mainly used for chain pulley and lifting.

Special chain: mainly used in special mechanical device, having special function and structure.

3. Chain Structure

Usually big pitch conveyor chains and special chains for some differences with the ordinary roller chain structure, such as step pin and step roller (F type roller), etc.. The chain is also called the engineering chain.

The typical chain structure as shown in the figure below:

Outer link

Chain link by the pin and external interference fit in roller chain plate connection.

Inner link

Inner link by interference fit of the bush and the plate connection, each bush in the roller.

Connection link

Link chain section, pin and plate is clearance fit, easy to assemble. This kind of connection link the fatigue strength of 20% lower than the chain itself.

Also can choose the interference fit connection link, the link fatigue strength is the same as the chain itself. The pin and plate is interference fit.

4. Function of chain parts


Plate is a part of bearing the chain tension, under repeated load, sometimes accompanied by shock. Therefore, plate not only must have a strong static tensile strength, but also must have the ability to withstand the load and impact. In addition, it must meet environmental requirements (such as corrosion, wear, etc.).


Pin meets plate shear force and bending force, and at the sprocket meshing period, pin and bush together form the set of bearing parts. Therefore, pin needs high tensile strength, shear strength resistance, bending resistance, and has the characteristics of impact resistance and wear resistance.


Bush meets plate shear force and bending force, it will impact load.


Roller chain and sprocket meshing, hit the sprocket will impact load. After engagement, the contact point between the roller and the sprocket and force are changed, the roller between sprocket and bush under pressure, and moving on the surface of the teeth.

Cotter pin, elastic lock plate, locking pin

These are preventing outer plate falling off. So these parts installation direction and bending Angle is important.

5. Transmission characteristics

It is generally believed that the chain due to its low speed, big bearing become economical components of transmission and conveyor equipment, but in reality, a lot of chain is used in the high speed working conditions, such as automobile engine camshaft drive gear in the chain.

1). It is easy to adapt to as high as 7:1 reduction/speed.

2). The chain can adapt to the long axis of center distance, and more general.

3). The chain is easy to realize multi-axis drive or on both sides of the chain drive.

4). The standardization of chain, made the choice is simple.

5). Easy to shear and link chain.

6). The same torque transmission, chain sprocket wheel diameter is smaller than the diameter of the pulley of the system.

7). Wear sprocket is less than the gear, sprocket can will load distribution on many sprocket.

8). Can wear elongation or wear elongation caused by vibration increase, due to understand whether the service life of the chain, is advantageous for the observation and control.

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