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"HS" brand chain won the title of "Anhui Industrial Products"

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Recently, the province by the letter committee announced "Anhui industrial products" list, my company R&D and production of "HS" brand stainless steel conveyor chain of flat-topped, welding plate chain series products. 105 the first batch of Anhui industrial products is only considered to play an exemplary leading role, further improve the enterprise independent innovation ability, strengthen the key competitiveness of products, enhance the brand value of industrial enterprises in Anhui province. As a national key leading enterprise chain industry, my company R&D and production of "HS" brand chain of non-standard shaped in domestic and international market have higher visibility, industrial chain enterprise in our country has become a beautiful card. The next step, our company will be around "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" development planning, efforts to improve the market share and brand competitiveness, gradually formed the brand cultivation, protection and development mechanism, adjust the upgrade for chain industry in China to make new greater contributions.

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