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Lubrication of roller chain

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1.lubricating oil flow

Each hinge of roller chain is a radial bearing, so you must make them fully effective lubrication, in order to obtain the highest wear life. Sufficient lubrication in addition to reduce the pin shaft and sleeve of the wear, also can make the sprocket and chain roller on a smooth, slow roller and the impact of the sprocket, make the heat dissipating, abrasive dust and foreign bodies, and to prevent corrosion.

In front of the chain and sprocket meshing, lubricating oil should be applied in the chain sagging section at the top of the chain plate. Gravity and centrifugal force can make lubricating oil flow to need lubrication of the surface of the pin shaft and sleeve. Chain plate edge of lubricant will provide pin shaft and sleeve surface lubrication.

2.the characteristics of the lubricant:

Roller chain drive lubricant should have the following features:

A.low viscosity, enough to make the surface of the lubricating oil into the lubricant; the normal bearing pressure can maintain enough viscosity of lubricating oil film or other additives are added;

C.clean and no corrosive substance;

D.under normal working conditions, we have the ability to keep the quality of lubrication. Usually, derived from petroleum, do not contain high-quality lubricating oil detergents, can satisfy these requirements. Generally do not need detergent, but it is best to contain the blister, antirust and increase the oil film strength additive.

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