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In the process of cleaning is a recipe for conveyor chain

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Hot soapy water, hand sanitizer, hold an abandoned toothbrush or slightly a little bit hard to brush can also be, pour the water scrub directly, cleaning effect is not very good, and need to dry after washing, or it will rust. Special conveyor chain cleaner, generally are imported products, cleaning effect is good, and the effect of lubrication is also very good, professional car shop sales, just price is quite expensive. Metal powder, look for a bigger container, take a spoonful with boiled water, will take off after the conveying chain on the water with a stiff brush clean.

Advantages: can easily transfer chain oil washed, and generally do not butter washed away in the inner ring, not irritating, and does not hurt the hand, it is to do mechanical work master are commonly used to wash their hands, security is very strong.

Disadvantages: as the auxiliary is water, so conveying chain must be dry or dry after cleaning, take longer time.

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